Jordi Alkema is an old-school singer-songwriter and acoustic rock artist. Dabbling in mystical folk and modern blues, he crafts songs like a spell. And leveraging his poetic flair, he excavates the philosophy of living and experiencing life. And as the vibrancy of the lyricism melts into the luminosity of the soundscape, it sizzles with the magic of surrealism. In his single, Put it Behind You, Jordi Alkema journeys through hardships, worrying patterns, and anxieties to deliver a soothing sonic balm that will help the listener cope. Listeners of Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, and Bee Gees are sure to enjoy the rustic valleys of this artist. 

He brings the serenity to the song using sonorous strings. Their echoing resonance linger long after the poetry of the vocals dissolved into the fabric. The track trickles with outworldy wisdom and romance; both in melody and lyric. “Don’t let the sun set in your heart.” While the gleam of golden acoustic sheen defines the aesthetic of the song, its appeal is thoughtfully cultivated and magnified by Jordi’s vocal archway of spilling baritones and intricate falsettos. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Put it Behind You by Jordi Alkema here –