Taken from the tenth studio album, Blood, Death Trap by Joshua Ketchmark is soul-stirring, to say the least. It’s masterfully composed to create a profound impact on the listener which is line with all the other tracks of the album. All the songs in the album were written by Ketchmark and mastered by Michael Bozzi at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, USA.

The song is a sweeping flavor of dusk. You’re reminded of the dying sun, leaking into the city and flooding hearts with melancholy. It is indivisible and never-ending, like a breeze, ushering the sentiments through the doors and windowpanes. The backdrop is dark. A soft warmth and light emerge from the glinting guitar melodies. Ketchmark masterfully commands the golden hue with vocal modulations. By releasing and withholding the intensity of emotions, the artist aims at creating a creeping nostalgia, as damp as the earth after rain.

Fuzzy basslines sheath the track with coziness and the harmonies are stirring. Each melody is its own master, and has a beginning and end. They smoothly drift through like actors of a well-rehearsed play. And, the unfolding drama seeps into your soul and feeds tragedy with a relentless melodrama. There are no build-ups leading to explosive climaxes. It flows at the pace of life, one second at a time as it traces routines, reflections, and ramblings. And, the more you drink out of this magical potion, a dreamy slumber of surrealism ensures.

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