Taken from the tenth studio album of Joshua Ketchmark, called Blood, No Stopping Us is a sanguine streak of free-flowing serenity. In line with the recurring theme of the album, the song is rooted in melancholy and blues. With Ketchmark’s visceral songwriting and vocals, the track is a whirlwind romance. Drawing from his love to wander, the artist writes a love letter to the roads that lead him away from all things known.

The swirling soundscape is splashed with the tangerine color of sunsets, the maroon of country mud, and the iconic flaming iron red of blood. With glistening acoustic riffs accentuating the molten flourishes of the electric guitar, the track is a cavity where soft rock meets the soul of country. Add to this mix, Ketchmark’s blazing vocals and evocative lyricism and you’ve got yourself an addiction.

The artist’s artistry and musical mastery are undeniable. His innate ability to evoke emotion and affect his audience seals his artistic worth. And once you listen to his work, there is no going back. He weaves idyllic tales that are rich with details, imagery, and wisdom that stays with you for long after.

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