The Nashville-based singer-songwriter delves into the languishes and laments of the heart in his tenth studio album, Blood. Tazewell County Line by Joshua Ketchmark concludes the album with generously textured guitar melodies in the backdrop of hauntingly beautiful vocals. Reminiscing about a love past, the track immerses you in emotions that words cannot do justice to.

The country song emerges from a warm velvet bed, oozing with a soft pain and cushions of tragedy. With a mellow vibe, the track unpacks a love story with stream-of-consciousness lyrics. Loaded with blues and soul, the baritone vocals float weightlessly through the molten guitar melodies and the slow beats.

Enlisting the quaint charm and nostalgia of the country, the song is crafted to make you feel all your feelings. Drenched in melodrama, the track has everything you would want in a heartbreak song. The track draws from a bottomless well of regret, love, empathy, pity, and a whole wealth of nameless emotions.

Known for his simplistic style and elegant melody crafts, Ketchmark has managed to weave yet another track that delves into the fabric of human emotions and showcases its essence.

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