There’s power in individuality. That’s what Juliet Callahan celebrates in her new release, Ghost Girl. The pop-rock artist, and singer-songwriter has an unapologetic flair, with a melodramatic defiance that creates cinematic frames of melody. Her musical force fiercely celebrates and empowers her listeners by making their experiences relevant. With relatable lyrics and impenitent appeal, her unique style and edgy sonority worship all that a person is.

Dripping with sinister intentions, the melodies craft beautiful sparkling webs that makes for the perfect backdrop. The smooth timbre of the vocals creates an astounding smokescreen. With tight basslines and punching beats, the artist erects a temple to the goddess in disguise. Wisps of synthetic harmonies glint with an eternal truth as the song comes to an end.

Callahan debuted in late 2021 with her single, Numb which, a year later, is one of the most streamed singles by the artist. In 2022, the artist released four singles including this one. Each track is a mystifying world of its own, with mesmerizing vocals and enigmatic euphonic contours. The artist is also a producer who is learning audio engineering, mixing, and the piano to manifest new worlds.

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