Singer-songwriter, K-Syran wows us with her My Angel Tonight, the breakout track of her new album, Inappropriate. From high-energy tunes to slow-dancing melodies, the artist explores it all with effortless ease and elegance. This new album boasts a riveting collection of tracks that are thoroughly mesmerizing.

The track has a way of making you feel that it was made for you. It instantly establishes a sense of intimacy with the listener and makes it personal. Delicate piano melodies blend in with the softness of acoustic vocals. Taking time to form, the graceful acoustics spills into an ocean of pumping trumpets and illuminating beats. The artist’s skillful use of strong instruments to complement her dainty vocals shows off her sophisticated musical style.

Her palette is fluid as she enlists a variety of textures and sound profiles to create a funk jazz lavender sky. It’s so refreshing to witness the smooth and seamless mixology of flashing trumpets with rippling keys and subtle accents of guitar melodies. And, the vocals! God, the vocals! Its lovely timbre and elegance expand to envelop the soundscape like a dream. Love and adoration spill out of it readily. It immerses the mind in a state of endless happiness that is reminiscent of new love and starry skies.

The piano melodies remind you of FKJ while the lilting jazz overtones take you back to artists like Tom Misch, Shy and personal, the artist beautifully invites us into her secret world and shows us the landscapes of love.

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