Kelia is an autobiographical, singer-songwriter and artist from Seattle. Her diary of melodies and intimate lyricism immortalize her momentary evolution as both an artist and person. Her contemporary R&B/Soul, pop sound is carefully constructed with mesmerizing synths and live instruments. In her new single, Butterflies, Kelia unpacks the ubiquitous impact of falling in love. 

It’s an absolute delight to be in love. And Kelia’s track is the euphonic proof of it. The track is a dynamic pop mix, drawing its romance from jazz, funk, and R&B. Popping hip-hop beats set an energizing rhythm for glassy synths and vibrant acoustics to jump off of. Kelia’s vocals stream with mellifluous smoothness. Its dainty silk fabric brims with dreamy sensibilities; a glowing pink hue. Listeners of Ariana Grande and Alessia Cara are sure to enjoy this track. 

The artist has been creating and writing music since she was twelve years old. And it shows in the sophisticated narratives and stories that we journey through in her tracks. She debuted with her track, Too Bad To Be Sad in 2018 after signing with Tacoma Records in 2017. Since then, she has released seven singles. 

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and JioSaavn! 

You can listen to Butterflies by Kelia here –