Kevin Walsh is a talented songwriter who can serenade you with his magnetic voice. There is detail, depth and style in his voice, and there is a versatile depth it can all go to. His latest single is a cover of the Meat Loaf original, something that inspires as well as reminds you of the legend that he was. This one is called Not a Dry Eye in the House.

Meat Loaf had a magnanimous personality that focused on immersive performances. Kevin Walsh considers this man an obvious hero, someone he has been inspired by. The poetry seems natural coming out from Kevin, bringing the original vibe as well as a cinematic override that will bring tears to your eyes. His single Embrace the World is also an emotive piece, especially having the circumstances in retrospect. He has chosen to have each word have an impact, his poetry effective and communicated effortlessly. Kevin also gives enough respect to the cover to ensure it retains the spirit of the original, while foreshadowing his impact and quality as a performer. He has a set of releases coming out next year, and as fans, we cannot wait. 

You can listen to his evocative single below, completely doing justice to the song. Be patient, and you’ll hear hair-raising originals from him, too!: