Remember when WWE megastars would walk to the end of the ramp and the opening song would come on? Kevin Whitaker has pipes that sound like that. His execution and vocal style is so unique, they can instantly be associated with a dose of badass. Though he has a wide spectrum of sound for the output, there is an orb of energy that hums around his music. This is his single, Crown.

If he was looking to claim it, he didn’t have to. Kevin Whitaker can walk up to the crown he admires, that’s how great this track is. His raspy vocals are commanding and send a pulsating surge of energy through the listener’s mind. The lyrics instantly affect the psyche, straight edged and mammoth in the delivery style. His beat is like a train chugging along, and that makes Kevin the engine. Travelling the bridge to the chorus is effectively dominated by him, ringing out his voice that sounds like a car engine, possessed. The synth and rock weave is an interesting combination, something that seems to be tailor-made for the kind of sound Kevin has.

His popularity boomed with the WLL Remix of his track Unpredictable Love. Whether you’re going to the gym or need a midday pick me up to fuel through snail hours, this man has got you covered. What I assume will be a massive stage presence will overshadow your troubles. Listen to him here as he claims his crown with ease: