Kimi Djabaté was raised in Tabato, Guinea-Bissau, a village known for its griots, hereditary singer-poets whose songs of praise and tales of history and legends play an essential role in Africa’s musical life. His latest Afro-Portuguese folk-pop album, Dindin pays tribute to his griots heritage and culture. He presents a lively collection of eleven tracks, each one tuned to an elating rhythm and engaging sound pallets. With Yensoro, Kimi Djabaté sets the mood for dancing with a Latin rhythm and bright melodies. 

Yensoro is a delightful folk carriage of earthy beats, accordions and glinting acoustics. Its rhythm is built for motifs. The track is composed of recurring patterns, be it in the beats, the vocals or the melodies. True to the folk pallet, we see authentic musical fingerprints that replicate and reflect each other. Interludes of solo accordions bridge the molds of culture and history. 

iTunes Artwork for 'Dindin (by Kimi Djabaté)'

Djabaté is now based in Lisbon, Portugal. He has collaborated with exceptional musicians like Mory Kanté, Waldemar Bastos and Netos de Gumbé among others. But his most laudable collaboration was with pop star Madonna in 2017 when he introduced her to the vibrant Afro-Portuguese music scene. Devoted to spreading hope, love and light, Djabaté crafts magical songs that lend positive reflections on contemporary struggles and challenges.

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Yensoro from the Dindin album by Kimi Djabaté here –