Kristina Lachaga is an American singer-songwriter and pop artist. Her brand of sweet scented and uplifting pop is redolent of early Taylor Swift, Clairo, Katy Perry, and the like. The stories and the melodies stay with the listener, compelling them to return again and again. In her latest single, Love You More, Kristina Lachaga weaves feel-good country acoustics into the luminous fabric of her vocals. Overall, the listening experience is like sailing through a sunny, slice of life melody screen that softens the day and refreshes the mind.

The track opens with glinting golden strings streaming alongside a mellow tempo. This sonic combo effortlessly adapts to the surging vocals. Kristina’s sopranos are as cheerful and engaging as they take on a wide-eyed country girl persona. It spills into the mind, bursting with love and devotion that is contained in the lyrics. The artist debuted in 2013 with her single, “Won’t Wait Forever” and has since released a growing collection of originals and covers that witness her rustic and evolving style.

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