It is difficult for us mortals to understand what goes through the mind of a multi-instrumentalist. Take Kristopher for example. He has so many complex layers in his songs that seem so simple, that we don’t understand the dimensions he thinks in. His latest single is a culmination of this gentle melancholy and heartache, creating a mélange of colours that dissipate into an Indigo Sky.

With his vocals and the barren fingerpicking of the guitar, the sombre tune of this track is identified, and accentuated. It is unnecessary, and difficult, to put singer-songwriters in a box. This is what shatters that glass cage, the base layers of these vocals and instrumentals coming together with such fluidity. There are parts where we hear only the guitar, leaving space and volume for rumination. As the intensity builds, the guitar mirrors the anguish and accent that the lyrics have. Kristopher creates the complex room of mirrors where he realizes each second spent staring is a fall deeper into thought, in this sublime world he has created.

With his track Borrowed Time, he broke into the indie playlist space. His talents are far-reaching, using so many tools as a musician helps him create a textural backdrop that many struggle to fathom. The honesty that reflects through such small, trapped figments and memories are the things he brings to us. Listen to his single here. Also check out this link below: