With his latest single, Swear To God, singer-songwriter and melodic pop artist, Kristopher Houck delivers a touching narrative about relationship dynamics, exploring themes like toxicity, abuse, violence, and powerlessness. The artist draws inspiration from his own stories, dilating his experience with visceral lyricism and vulnerable vocals. He doesn’t shy away from presenting gory images of an abusive ordeal. This recounting and reliving is tempered by soothing and healing melodic journeys that form around it. Listeners of Adele, Sam Smith, and Lady Gaga are sure to enjoy the genuinity and artistic honesty in this track. 

The track opens with a soft acoustic drizzle. Its muted rhythm is consumed by Kristopher’s lush vocals. Connecting tales with strings of profound observations, the lyrical craft is layered beautifully. Written from the battered emotional and mental perspective of the abused, the lilting melodies do nothing to conceal the trauma or repression. Indirectly, it imparts awareness and empathy about the circumstance of abuse and the attachment patterns that form around it. 

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