Lara Eidi is a singer-songwriter, folk artist, and multi-instrumentalist. Born in Athens to Lebanese-Canadian parents, the artist is now currently based in the UK. Her approach to music is one inspired by deep life-soaked passion. It manifests in the creative and diverse weaves that she presents. In her latest single, Breathe Love, Lara Eidi strings beautiful affirmations and philosophies into a folk-jazz atmosphere. 

Her style combines the reflective storytelling of Joni Mitchell and the bluesy allure of Amy Winehouse. Dictated by the constructs of hope, empowerment, and freedom, Lara liberates her listeners from the prison of fear, self-doubt, and anxiety. And this track is a prime example of it. Taken from the upcoming album, SUN, the track is about embracing all sides of herself. The soundscape is a melting pot of neo-classicals, jazz, and folk. 

The jazz manifests in the rhythm, jumpy and mercurial beats carrying the lilting piano acoustics and the misty vocals. It is gradually amped up to take on dreamlike characteristics. Orchestral violins add romantic touches, bolstering the vocals and the beats to its high climax. In addition to being an artist, Lara is also a music journalist and conducts creative workshops in Greece and the UK.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Breathe Love by Lara Eidi here –