Lauren Minear is a versatile artist and singer-songwriter. Her music is an ever-evolving medium of expression that, in its variety, captures the essence of her multifaceted approach. In her latest single, ‘The Way it Was’ Lauren explores a contemporary pop-rock space. Leveraging the boldness and color of electronica, she reconciles the hemispheres of soul-pop and electro-rock. The emotion however, blooms out of her vocals. Heartfelt and captivating, its storytelling wisdom and ruminative nature is reminiscent of folk-pop. And with magnificent production, the artist brings all these sonic layers to life.

iTunes Artwork for 'The Way It Was - Single (by Lauren Minear)'

Her style combines the gusto of commercial pop, narratives of soul pop, the charisma of a rock rhythm and the vivacity of electronica. Listeners of Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridges, Rachel Platten, and Dua Lipa will find themselves engulfed in vivid traces and interesting interpretations of these styles. Listen Now!

Lauren Minear debuted in 2022 with her album, ‘Invisible Woman’. The artist explores themes like identity, love, and loss, magnified by her experience of being postpartum during the pandemic. Through her honest and sincere writing, the artist forged many connections and empowered all of the people who felt isolated by this experience. And in 2024, Lauren us all set to release her second album, a continuation of sorts, in which she explores themes like rediscovery, visibility, and rebirth.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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