Leo Nazz realizes the vitality of repose and rumination with this new single, White Noise. It is taken from his latest five-track, stream-of-consciousness, self-titled EP, featuring two singles he released last year. The artist is a storyteller with an abundance of poetry in him. His pedantic lyricism creates a whole life with its detailed narratives. Like folklore, its scattered details build into an astounding emotion.

The track is a gossamer framework of acoustics. Dainty lines of bare guitar melodies bleed with melancholy, dripping through to the vocals. A bass cello line circles the edges, unfurling a sense of cinematic drama. Designed to peel back the layers of an animated mind, the soothing textures and monotones induce a state of resounding calmness.

The song wears a long veil of regret that trails behind with ghostly sensibilities. It blooms out of the sentimental folk harmonica and swirling classical violin melodies. With vocal harmonies serving as a soundboard, the sonic canvas continuously evolves. Nazz’s sharp orientation to details and intuitive compositions gives his work a beguiling quality. He gracefully transforms genres in service of emotive transcendence as evidenced by his discography.

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