Lilli Joon is a Persian-American singer-songwriter and alt-folk artist from Los Angeles. Her music represents the mosaic of her diverse influences. Infused into this swirling oasis of melody is the artist’s poetic essence and vocal beauty. It is rich, it is soft, it is free, and it is light. Come fall in love with presence. In her latest single, ‘Tiny Portals’, Lilli Joon explores the universes behind moments, people, spaces to discover a compelling narrative on death and loss. Its acoustic whisper, earthy notes, and intimate lyrical frames will appeal to fans of Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, and Sufjan Stevens.

iTunes Artwork for 'Tiny Portals - Single (by Lilli Joon)'

The track presents like the dwindling light of a dying candle. Glinting strings ebb and flow through Lilli’s contemplative vocal planes. It is an energy orb, so arresting in its simplicity and comforting in its melancholy. The soundscape simultaneously resonates with sound and silence. Her sense of morbidity is so beautifully weaved in with precious perspectives. So instead of arousing discomfort or fear in the listener, it inspires soulful imagination and a deep appreciation for life and love.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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