Lindsay Holifield writes soft, introspective tracks with a hint of thematic dwelling. Her lyricism is simple but thorough, almost like she runs through each experience in her head. Her latest track is a melancholy one, stripped down and raw, called Ghost Girl.

Fear of God showed a side of Lindsay Holifield that instantly sunk into your soul. The EP marked her debut into the music world, and she did well to control the episodes and trains of thoughts she narrates with a melody. Ghost Girl gets rid of those elements for a meditative snippet of her existence. Her vocals have the soft drawl that would be associated with this kind of feeling. The harmonics aid and help emphasize the aspects that matter. An awakening with punctuated sighs and offshoots, this song might be Lindsay’s pride and joy from now. It effaces any doubt that she can carry her own as a musician and is always improving her skill set.

Bodies Not at War from her EP is seeing some strong streaming numbers. People seem to enjoy the way she peels off the layers between the listener and her, like Phoebe Bridgers. We can’t wait to hear more from Lindsay, there is an enigmatic soul behind these songs that yearns to be understood. Listen to her soulful single here: