Littleuniverses discovers the musical pathways to profound worlds of emotion and experience. The Canadian artist uses neo-classical arrangements and folk acoustics to craft her discovered worlds, each one ingeniously detailed and ornate in their composition. Powering her artistic credence in her new self-titled album are producer and musician, Randall Dunn, musician, Arjan Miranda, and cellist, Brent Arnold. Magic opens the Littleuniverses album, and the song is nothing short of its title. 

The track is an instrumental bliss. With layers of melodies, the artist develops it into an endless abyss of melancholic magic. Her silky smooth vocals quiver and tremble with sophisticated emotion. And ethereal curtains of harmonies flow endlessly through the raining acoustics. 

The track is absorbing and affecting in its cinematic sweep. Wisps of violin, cello, plucked strings, soft flute and piano melodies cultivate the song with their subtle magnificence. Littleuniverses collects dollops of melodies and crafts them into a theatrical ocean, each wave bringing a new treasure to the shores of the mind. 

The 10-song album is a wonderful daydream. With the visuals it evokes and calming mesmeri it casts, the album is perfect to enjoy solitude with. Its naturalistic impressions and celestial destinies are just what you need in moments of quiet rumination. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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