Milan-based singer-songwriter, guitarist, and rock artist, Liv Crash sets a mild ambience with his new single, Wonderland. The track is taken from his upcoming debut album, “Cause Even in this Album” all set to be released on 7th July, 2023. With subdued textures and gloomy tones, his wonderland transports the listener to mellow atmospheres of jazz blues and surreal funk rock. The artist leads with his love for the guitar, detailing his soundscapes with intricate lines of melodies. His work is primarily inspired by the soul styles of Billy Joel and guitarists like David Gilmore, John Petrucci, Pat Martino, Cory Wong, Scott Henderson among others. 

The track is soft and seamless like a sailing cloud. Its inflections are minute and minimal. Molten guitar melodies set the dazed mood for the incoming blues as Liv’s oozing baritones form above the glinting textures of the instrument. The metallic beat accents draw out the 60s funk arrangements, setting the stage for them to materialize and flourish. And it does exactly that at the bridge. A winding soliloquy unglues us from reality as its rich folds of melody crafts an alternative dreamy world to escape into. Listeners of John Mayer and Tom Misch are sure to enjoy the romantic surrealism of this track. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Wonderland by Liv Crash here –