Liz Lieber is a New York City based singer-songwriter and pianist. With a penchant for nostalgia and sonic richness, her tracks are storytelling orbs of mellow acoustics and sweet emotions. The artist infuses her work with personal charisma and magical realism, as she tells stories and anecdotes from the life she has lived. In her latest track, No Place Like This, Liz Lieber shapes a dreamy place that she shares with the man she loves. 

The artist borrows iconic imagery from fairy tales and uses them as a scale to portray the magnanimous wonder and beauty of the love she knows. Incredibly personal and honest, the lilting fabric is reminiscent of Carole King and Sara Bareilles. The stories that she stitches together are evidently autobiographical, endearing in their universality and magical mundanity. Delivered by the soulful alto silk that is her trademark, all of it comes to life in the aftermath. 

The artist debuted her music and oozing confessional style in 2019 with “Stuck”. She has since released “Love Don’t Run” and “Mess With Gravity” in 2020. “No Place Like This” is the artist’s first release after a brief two year hiatus. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to No Place Like This by Liz Lieber here –