Swedish Ljug Aldrig aka Roosen creates visceral soundscapes that emit the radiant light of the soul. His unique talent to look past the superficial, and the keenness to discover the emotional layers within grants him a majestic talent unlike any other. For his latest release, Seashells, Ljug Aldrig collaborates with soul singer, Elliphant to deliver a euphonic machination that bewilders and beguiles.

Drenched in blues, this acoustic folk-pop track is a nostalgic wonder. The first layer, the texture of the song, itself is a blast from the past, raw and defiantly unrefined. This crackling veil swathes the composition in an inexorable warmth that is reminiscent of home videos, romantic nights, and melancholic rains. Even the coarseness in the vocal fabric, with its rough edges and piercing peaks, plays into the beauty of this gut-wrenching track.

And when you peek behind this veil, you’ll see dense layers of folk sound that find meaning in the gripping lyrics and brimming cups of vocals. The passionate strain in Elliphant’s vocals chisels the contours of the song, as they slow dance with Aldrig’s country-kissed vocals. Acoustic strings glint delightfully in the backdrop like mirrors in the sun before epiphanic floods of violins draw the track into climax.

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