Lost flyer brings you the choicest notes and rhythm flows in R&B. A massively underrated musician and performer, there is no doubt he bears the torch from the likes of Usher. From the embers of the stage to the zeal in the studio, there might be very few who can hold a candle to this musician. His latest single is an example of how to navigate and nail a chill beat and sound. This is his latest single, Love Interest.
Immediately after knowing the title of the song, you might assume that you’ve heard many of these. Not this kind of tone and finesse. Lost flyer has a dominance on his voice, modulation and tone that you won’t hear commonly. There might be more than one reason why his single Over It has more than 100k streams. His melodic voice, the sensual melody delivery and dapper style make it difficult to not listen to him the whole time. As the bass booms, you’re lost in the poetic lyrics. The chorus is a catchy beast, and you’re hooked before you know it.
You would have felt the Fly fever when you heard Black Widow. His single is an amazing revelation in musicality and performance style. From the chords to transitions and ambience, you’re always ready for the next soul-searching sound. Maybe you’ll know what losing control truly means with this latest single. Follow him for more music like this: