Luanne Hunt is an American singer-songwriter and country artist, with a remarkable appetite for hearty and quality compositions. With an old time charm, her music has a way of transporting us in time. In her latest album, Life Ain’t No Picnic, Luanne Hunt explores the philosophy of life, with luminous melodies and immersive arrangements. Listeners of Joni Mitchell and Abba are sure to enjoy the richness of euphony and narration of Hunt. 

I’ll See You In My New Year’s Dream opens the album with colorful streams of acoustics. Springs of trumpets and sparkling piano lines are edged by a mellow beat motif. And her distinctive vocals, vintage and nostalgic floats through the soundscape with a beautiful dream. The Picnic follows with folk flutes, piano ascents, and earthy beats. With naturalistic imagery sprinkled across the lyrics, the theme is strung together by a swirling mosaic of melodies. 

That’s How You Know He Is a Hero has a slow drama. Like a sunrise, its magic floats into the frame with ponderous beauty. Led by a seamless line of acoustic piano and memorable vocals, the track tells a story of the chivalrous strength of a hero. How The Curtain Blows is constructed with playful beats and reflective melodies. Its melancholic vocals have a wholesome impact, carrying the narrative lyrics home on the wings of piano keys. 

The album continues with Love Forgives. Its vocals scatter across like fall leaves, its wisdom drifting with the emotional trumpets and orchestral synths. With delightful romance, the track illuminates the magnanimous resilience of love. Lifting Weights loops us into a 60s pop state of mind. We get a generous taste of blues, blossoming out of animated synths and peppy piano. 

The Good One is a mellow celebratory jazz track. There’s hope in the air and love on the mind. Its plain vocals complement the grandeur of the melodies and the mood.  More Than Just My Name concludes the album, following in the aesthetic footsteps of its predecessors. Recounting the richness of a love shared, the artist delves into deep layers of pain and regret. 

The album is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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