Lucio Barbarino is an American singer-songwriter and melodic rock artist from Dennis, Massachusetts. The artist has just released his fourteen-song LP titled The Blue Evenings. And just as the name suggests, the tracks carry a deep melancholy that powers and inspires wisdom. Shrouded in dazed melodies and pensive reflections, his classic rock style is touched by the mist of blues that draws the listener in. Taken from this album is Wasteland, a resonant acoustic rock track that speaks to the essence of Lucio Barbarino. 

All the songs were written, performed, produced, recorded, engineered, mixed, conceived, and delivered by the artist himself. However, one of the tracks, “You’ll Get Over Me” features the talent of Dan Miller on the banjo. 

The artist writes songs about hurt and heartbreak, tempering the sinking sentiments with themes like healing and hope. And even his music feels like it, a delicate dance across the spectrum of loving and living with it. Wasteland is introduced with string acoustics, their versatile lines of sound evolving into branches of electrically amplified fixtures. And peppered over this setting is Lucio’s baritones, raspy and alluring, smooth and hypnotic. He has an interesting way of impressing on the listener a powerful emotion without being too emphatic about it. It seeps into you, from the fabric of his vocals, the lulling vibration of instrumentation, and facets of reality. Listen Now! 

The track is available for streaming on Bandcamp!

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