There’s tremendous emotion in the soundscapes that Luke Frees creates. The clenching melodies and the touching sentiment is wrapped in sensational instrumental flows. Matching his sound design and songwriting to the evocative frequencies of the heart, his work is a testimony of his euphonic imagination and artistic skill. In his new single, If There Ain’t A Heaven, Luke Frees crafts an incredibly tender performance with his poetic flair and histrionic style.

In this neo-classical piece, the artist fathoms a heaven for us all. The instrumentation is the purest expression of all that the human soul is concerned with. The delicate bleeds of blue piano acoustics and warm swells of violins trace the passionate trails of the vocals. As the trembling tides of the baritones sway through us, we are absorbed by the dreamy worlds that the lyrics build.

The artist is a Berklee alumnus with a wealth of ideas. His creative spree began when he was in school as part of a band called The Cotones, and grew with the release of his solo albums, The Lost Weekend, Some Easy Blood, and Point Of You among several singles. His eclectic style spans across genres, uniting wonderfully to articulate the connections in his mind.

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