Luke Frees has just released his latest double single Most of the Time and Trauma Bound, cataloging his reflections on breakups and the sense of loss that follows. His musical explorations expand eternally into landscapes of human emotions. Frees uses layered melodies to manifest a magical musical depth that we can’t help but drip into.

As we percolate through this continuum of weaving violins and emotive guitar acoustics, the stories in the lyrics craft a cinematic experience. The artist is a storytelling musician with a penchant for words that roam through the melancholic halls of melodies. When asked, “What would you want your listeners to take away from this double single?” the artist replied by saying:

I’d love for my listeners to be able to connect with the emotions in these songs. And when listening to the lyrics of Most Of The Time, maybe even connecting with that sinking feeling that you won’t be able to hold onto all those memories forever. Even if you can’t relate to the specific circumstances if people just relate to how that general feeling of nostalgia and loss, I did what I wanted to do with these songs.

The acoustic bliss created by ringing violin melodies resonates with a deep loneliness that is incredibly heartbreaking. And the violin solos make for a magnificent display as it spirals with love and loss. Its torrential flow beautifully edges the line between dissonance and euphony with emotional grace. The musical scene that the artist erects and harvests is difficult to recover from. Its pain empathizes with ours, fills the cavity of loss, and holds our hand in our grief.

Beautifully composed and delivered! Nothing like it! Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

Listen to Most Of The Time by Luke Frees here –