Slow-dancing blues glinting in the moonlight: that’s the vibe of Maluscomas ‘s song, Why, featuring Greg Emond. Maluscomas is the brainchild of indie singer-songwriter Amit Vyas from Pune, India. This experimental project mixes lyrical guitar psych elements coupled with compelling storytelling to erect a soulful musical reality. Add to this the sweeps of Emond’s evolving vocals and you’ve got yourself a beautiful piece of art; a musical masterpiece!

With broad leaves of molten guitar melodies sweeping through the canvas, the artist achieves a cozy bloom. The track is a slice of devastating tragedy. The baritone vocals are an immersive bowl of emotions that leaves you in a melancholic state of mind. Soul-rock at its best, the artist braves magnificent vocal transitions and lands gracefully into a sea of melodrama.

Portraying a conversation between father and child, the composition alternates accordingly between vocal textures, tones, and instrumentation. You can feel the desperation of the artist’s vocals swell into you as he examines the indifference of the world to violence and hate from the child’s perspective. Influenced by folk styles and old-school rock, the artist creates a transfixing canvas of rich melodies and transcendental vocals. The resounding texture and sonority of the soundscape swallow us into its world.

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