Marc Rangel is a singer-songwriter and soul artist from Los Angeles. The artist explores the fabric of human connections – love, relationships, and heartbreaks. Her dazed soundscapes and smoky vocals set the perfect stage for elaborate and melodramatic expositions. Detailed with poetic and ruminative lyricism, the melodies gain a beautiful storytelling aptitude. In her latest single, Closure, Marc Rangel explores situationships, weaving an addictive tale with sentimental and sensual undertones.

The portrays the makings of intimacy in this modern world. It is candid and honest. She perceptively portrays the heartache and loneliness, driving it to cliffs of an omnipresent melancholia. As the track progresses, flushed with dreamy and swirling synths, it acquires a soft clarity as the protagonist seeks out closure and healing. Situationships are never black and white, only blurred lines. And the artist unfailingly sets it out in the track. Listen Now!

Marc Rangel debuted in 2021 with her EP, ‘all’s well that ends well’. It explores relationships from youthful standpoints using creative and dreamy spreads. In early 2023, she released ‘Song Cry’ and followed it up with two more singles including Closure.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Closure by Marc Rangel here –