Maria Weissman explores the pockets of fractured hearts in her track Fragments, the breakout track of her brand new album, Bad. The artist is what you would call a vocal marvel. Her special skill lies in her ability to intuitively mold her vocal expression to carve out dense pockets of heartfelt emotions.

With a poetic allure that draws out the quiet thoughts of the mind, the track is carefully crafted to transport us to a whole new realm. The artist puts the instrumentation at the forefront and makes her vocals the backdrop. This creates a new dimension within the song, exposing a deep enclave; a safe space to explore the broken parts of ourselves.

Warm cello basslines roam through the track, like beams of astounding light. Periodic pulses of piano melodies set the rhythm and smoothly pass the torch to the acoustic guitar in the chorus. The transitions in the song are seamless, with the melodies flowing like water – fluid, and inseparable. Even the vocals bleed into the soundscape, like black ink, slowly dispersing with the melodies, leaving behind pure emotion. Its sweet timbre and melodrama are a perfect fit for the theme that the artist is trying to bring out.

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