Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mariana Masetto is a musician, singer-songwriter, percussionist, writer and teacher. With her style largely influenced by folk frames, the artist is drawn to themes like humanity, nature, culture, and spirituality, encompassing facets of them through music. In her latest single, ÁRVORES (tree) Mariana Masetto explores the grandeur of the theme, using it as an introduction to naturalistic beauty and patterns to weave her melodies through. Listen Now! 

Her music is formless, unencumbered by a symmetrical rhythm. She manifests the backdrop using samples of nature sound, filtering in with mellow synths and earthy beats. The vocals lift and glide through the melodic air like an unfurling fabric. Its free-spirited flow enhances the allure of the theme, as the branching verse emulates the tree’s natural form. And despite giving us an illusion of being in motion, the vocals only sway in the synth breeze, alongside birds chirping, whistling instruments and earthy percussion. 

The artist debuted in 2010 with her album “La Bambunita” and has since released six albums and a wide collection of singles that reinforce her style and spirit. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to ÁRVORES by Mariana Masetto here –