Marianne Flemming was born and raised in sunny Florida. And you can tell. The appeal of the place blossoms out of her sound – a combination of retro pop and surf rock, drenched in a whole lot of blues. The song, Ruby Red Slippers, is taken from Marianne Flemming ‘s latest album, Across The Hemisphere. The eight track album, with its bright melodies and balmy passion is delightfully melancholic, reminiscent of the hearty beach weaves of The Beach Boys mixed with the nostalgic folk undertones of Joni Mitchell. 

Marianne’s music has a little bit of everything. Gleaming lines of electric guitar lead us into the track, layered with beats and sultry vocals. She delivers the theme with a well-suited seductive allure. Peppered with acoustics and covert rock n roll arrangements, the track is a kaleidoscope of blooming blues. Marianne released her debut album 111 Chords & A Bridge independently in the year 1995. And as a graduate in Music Composition, she enjoyed experimenting with styles like Jazz, Blues, Reggae and Folk music, to arrive at a sound that is her own. She is known to have shared the stage and performed with artists like Carrie Newcomer, Magda Hiller, Rory Block, Leon Russell, Bo Diddley, Southern Culture on the Skids, Peter Mulvey among others. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Ruby Red Slippers by Marianne Flemming here –