Mark Winters is a Texas-based singer-songwriter who is not only a musician but also a poet, entrepreneur, and a certified rocket scientist. He discovered his musical flame when he first picked up a guitar to sing for his wife on their anniversary. Mark intertwines Rock and Blues Rock with Pop music creating a whole new vivid musical realm. He has a discography that is deeply immersive. He is a master at whatever he does and music is surely one of them. Mark surely knows how to indulge an audience in an experience that feels extraterrestrial.

I came across this artist recently when I first listened to his latest release named My Christmas which is a perfect holiday track to play with your family and friends. The track is full of jingles that will delight your soul and make you giggle with joy. The track is surely one of the best tracks to play on Christmas eve. The track projects some powerful vocals that are beautifully complimented by the instrumental. There are parts that are so addictive that they stay in your head and start playing out of nowhere. Mark has surely done a great job with the writing of the track. This track got me way too excited for the holidays this winter.

This is an artist to be explored for sure. His older works have some powerful tracks like ‘Boundary layer’ and ‘Signal’. Do give this artist a go and you will fall in love with his elite sense of musicality and lyricism. You can listen to the track here-