Slow dance to the molten tendrils of melody in this new single, Immi by Matt Zambon. The Perth-based indie-rock artist, singer-songwriter, and producer have a home-grown sound that instantaneously resonates with the soul. Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Zambon has been big on writing and performing music since he was 12 years old. And having nurtured his art as a child, his music contains profound romantic elements that define the world from fresh perspectives.

The romance of melancholy is most beautiful when harnessed by music. And that’s exactly what the artist does in this track. With storytelling lyricism, the artist bids adieu to a place (Australia) he called home. Composed to fit the context of a heartbreak song, histrionic swells of melodies become the moving point of emotion. And add to this the theatric sweeps of vocals, oscillating between baritones and falsettos to match the evocative summits of the electric guitar.

As an alumnus of the Victorian College of Arts in Australia, the artist gained experience in composing music for film, animation, dance, and musical theatre. The artist’s contemporary compositions showcase drastic variations, fused seamlessly with an enviable euphonic prowess. With cinematic yields that magnify emotions, his music is full of wonder and sonic wealth.

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