There are ways to float into an encompassing, complex vibe. Music, however, seems to have a shortcut. MAXI brings his R&B smooth to his new single, Fix Me. From dance vibes to something to listen to on the hush-hush, this artist’s music is too good to pass up. Let’s see why Fix Me is so great.

Fix Me has this sexy, chord layering that makes it especially appealing. The tempo is mellow, yet has a sublimating aura to it. MAXI has his vocals tailored to a song like this, creating a hypnotic and almost transformative wave of sound. The chorus is what stands out, and that’s because of how it has the returning melody written into it. This song is only over 2 minutes long, so be sure to loop it. MAXI’s composition style and vocals are so groove defining and particular to the melody, like all R&B, that it resonates within these little pockets of sound. This artist sure does know how to carry a vibe on his shoulders with some minimal yet enrapturing stuff.

MAXI broke out from the limelight to the main stage with his single Forget U. It successfully streams as one of his best work, while For the Night has also caught on. His compositions sound designed just for the event, for the memory, sometimes. This is a rare way of expressing this sound, something many people will never be able to reach through their careers. Here we have a master composer, showing us what he’s go. Listen to his single here: