Meghan Pulles is a folk singer-songwriter and artist with an ability to beautifully blend pastoral melodies with nostalgia. With a staunch devotion to musical healing, her compositions are all about the emotions and feelings that it evokes in her listeners. Ranging from drenching folk to melodic pop and indie styles, her work is reminiscent of the musical richness of Regina Spektor and softness of Joni Mitchell. For her latest single, Coming Home, Meghan Pulles collaborated with fellow singer-songwriter, Eric Bay to deliver a touching performance about the emotional faculties of “Home”. 

Through all the shadows and search of golden meadows, I’m Coming Home. The track is an emotional journey, as we climb hills and valleys of tremendous melody. 

The song is written by Roy Benson in collaboration with Eric Bay. The Radio Edit is released with an Extended Version and an Instrumental Version. The track has a ready old-school appeal, brought out by its sensitivity and sentiment. 

Set against the backdrop of classical and orchestral acoustics, Meghan’s vocals ooze with the warm anticipation of home. The swirling mosaic of violins, piano, flutes, and synth keys uplift the spirits. And listening to the track, the listeners can’t help but swell with feelings of gratitude, hope, and profound sweetness. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Coming Home by Meghan Pulles here – 

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