Life is a book of evolutions. As the mosaic of moments swirl and change, so does the person living through them. And this ever-changing journey of love and life is what Melyssa chronicles with her music. The Canadian singer-songwriter and musical autobiographer encapsulates her deepest desires, thoughts, fears, and feelings within the universal language of music. In her new single, Sunflower, Melyssa Lee explores the tenderness, fear, and unconditional love of motherhood.

With lilting acoustic strings lighting the path of epiphanies, the vocals flow with enriching beauty and love. Its gentle rhythm has a natural candor to it as it carries the ruminative narrations. Drenched in a folk essence, the glistening strings are a beautiful continuum as it patiently follows the trajectory of the artist’s thoughts.

The track has a very soothing effect, like a balm. It percolates through the mind and slows down time; giving us the opportunity of savoring the present. Straight from the pockets of her memory, the song draws us into her life, her lessons, and her love.

This is the artist’s debut release. Her sophisticated style and songwriting speaks volumes about her talent and musical aptitude. So be sure to follow Melyssa Lee’s journey as she catalogs the process of being and becoming.

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