Michael K. Poling and the fish is a project that recently made its debut with a 7 song album named Michael K. Poling and the fish. This is a project that displays some acoustic sounds fused with deep vocals that will seep into your head and stay there. Their music is unique and yet so intact and content. I was amazed to witness such beautiful use of melodics with vocals. Being the debut album, they surely have put in a lot of work and have created a sound that is fresh and addictive.

I discovered this project through their latest album and among the 7 tracks, there was this one track that caught my special attention. The track is named Shards of Glass and is the last track on the album. I feel this track was the best way to conclude the album and surely is one of the best debut outros I’ve heard. The album surely deserves reach and recognition as it is surely one of the best debut albums I’ve ever heard. The track is a subtle one with deep reverberating vocals that are paired with soothing guitar strums and picks. The track had a great calming effect on me as soon as I listened to it. This is surely an amazing track with some amazing features, moreover, the track seems even better when heard with the whole album. Do give this album a go and you surely will be amazed by the project’s innovation on their first-ever album!

Catch a little glimpse of the album here –