Mick J Clark is our hearts’ poet. His sound comes from a pure and fresh perspective. Borrowing from some of the best singer-songwriter textbooks, he writes his own, all from his own experience. The sound is something that you’d find in a jam room, yet so polished and precise. This is his single from 2010, At Last. 

Lyrically sound, this song is really fun to just drive to. There is an echo of the harmonics always with Mick J Clark and his voice, it seems like he’s writing with a calculated approach. Yet, there is an ease to the song that makes it feels like a personal piece, with a global approach. It is all the more relevant now, especially in regard to how the world is shaping up to be. Mick is honest in his songwriting, there are chord progressions, and he sings his heart out. There is nothing more to say, other than how well he treats the verses as a monologue of certainty. You can check out more of his songs to hear his definitive writing and unique melody structure. Songs like We Know It’s True and This Life is Unforgiving are obvious picks for your Clarkathon!

You can catch on to his music on his Spotify and follow him on his socials. His voice is a soothing embodiment of a class that is dwindling, and we’re glad we get to hear more of him! Listen to his single here: