Mick J Clark can bring a room together with his music. That is the kind of rockstar that he is. He’s had various songs, too many to name, on the Spotify streaming charts. He’s an indie icon, most importantly, he’s a rockstar. His latest single is called I Want It More Than You.

It’s a rock ballad of sorts that reminds me of an 80s hit. A Tony Carey classic that dominated the charts, it was called Room With A View. This track mirrors that kind of elegance. The flow is really admirable, and the chords used bring a warmth and relatability to the track. The imbalance in the relationship that Mick J Clark talks about is evident, and it is something that sticks in your head for days to come. The instrumental work always only accentuates and highlights his arrangement skill, but he makes sure that is not all that he does. Using the reliable structure of the rock tracks that dominated radios all throughout the 70s and 80s, this is a bullet train to nostalgia back to a time when bullet trains were just in conception.

His songs like Anuther Sunny Hulliday and What Are We Together For are some fan favourites. His streaming numbers are ridiculous, but you hear why his sound is something of a brand that people miss. Listen to his swinging single and tell us if you don’t agree with the numbers: