Mick J Clark has given us his all with his music. His interesting and well crafted songs showcase a true songwriter. From tales to stories that we all know, he writes from and on experience. Humanity is his core essence, and his songs as well. This is his track from 2012, It’s Getting Near Christmas. 

Though I have never experienced this holiday in full swing, I can always picture it through Hollywood movies. It is the time of the year families come together, share stories, food and joy in the presence of the Holy Spirit. The mirth of the tree, the company all around, and the lights are some things that come to mind. This is all with Mick J Clark writing what we are all thinking. This exciting song encourages you to go ahead and prepare festivities for one of the most glorious days of the year. Given that he wrote and produced this song 11 years ago, it is exciting how relevant and enjoyable it still is. You can go ahead and listen to his whole catalogue of the year while enjoying the company of your family!

Is this the Best Song Catalogue Ever? has some fascinating music all made for the holidays. Mick J Clark writes from his heart for songs that you can all sing along to, while relishing what brings us all together. Listen to his single here and follow him for more happy music!: