The bona fide music man is back with another single for the holiday season! Mick J Clark has a track from his massive song catalogue which always gets played this time of the year. The single is called It’s Getting Near Christmas. It is another powerful song that brings us together to experience the holidays with family and friends!

With the chimes and sleigh bells ringing, he describes in detail a joyful scene during the holidays. It has a carol like swing to it, and brings the image to life with the song itself. The verse section is rich in sound and detail, with the guitar, piano bringing the strength to the rhythm section you would want to listen to. The chorus, as usual, is one you’d love to sing and be inspired by. Song virtuoso Mick J Clark has the songwriting spirit like Tom Petty, the song and lyrics come together in this joyful confluence just like family during the holidays. Simplicity and well crafted lines make this another superb, memorable number from this talented singer-songwriter.

Mick J Clark constantly keeps creating songs for every occasion. His golden touch makes sure each song brings the details and scenario to a magical proportion-in front of our eyes. He is a creative juggernaut, and you can thank his 2012 Is this The Best Song Catalogue Ever for the plethora of songs for any occasion. Listen to his single here: