Mick J Clark has always had that joyous spirit that Christmas symbolises. His music rings through houses like a beacon of joy, creating and spreading awareness, happiness and the ecstasy of life. His single from 2013 is revisited today, just around the holiday season. This is called Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah. 

We all know our fair share of carols. The same energy reverberates in this single, with his guitar tone mimicking the warm glow of Christmas lights. Soft and steady, with percussions having the essence of the holiday sounds, he puts together something special. It gives the same joy & entertainment. This is 10 years away, and holds the poetic and artistic essence of having the soul and resonance of the holidays. His album, Is This the Best Song Catalogue Ever? proves to be a shining gem of a collection. It reverberates with the coming together of all, family, friends and companions to make this festive season a lasting memory. You can hear Mick J Clark always reach out to people’s hearts with his music, and no matter what the language barrier, there are things that the soul speaks to, and he has a conversation with.

It’s Christmas Party Time and It’s Getting Near Christmas are certainly tracks you can club with this. As we near one of our favourite seasons of the year-end, we are sure that Mick J Clark will keep us warm with his music! Listen to the single here: