Mick J Clark has the definitive music style for every occasion. A passionate and gifted musician, he makes sure his tracks have the warmth and goodness-the positivity we crave. His latest single is Sing glory glory hallelujah. It has the spirit and joy of the holiday season as well, and is brimming with the smiles and hugs you need on time for Thanksgiving.

Almost acoustic in nature, Mick J Clark relies on his melodic, commanding yet beautiful voice to do the honours for this song. His effort is towards crafting a charismatic womb of sound, with simple progressions and an honest feel for the lyrics. It is the honesty and dedication that stands out. Though he can swing for rock tracks and bring the pop vibe from the 80s when required, he changes his tone for this track. The bells punctuate the choir vocals, really carrying the ambiance of the song with a defined theme in a box. It’s refreshing and really absorbs you into the spirit of the song. 

Whether it be the Stones, Beatles or just plain Mick J Clark, this man is a vessel for music. His creativity knows no bounds, and his knowledge for music is obviously encyclopedic. He never rests, brings about some really intense grooves when necessary. Other times, he’s channeling the rock defiance of the 80s as well. A man with a plan, with many tools in his hand. Listen to his single here: