Mick J. Clark is a singer/songwriter who has amassed over 1,000,000 Spotify Streams and has reached number three in the UK, and number two in the USA iTunes Top 100 Rock Songs in June 2020 through his track, We Know It’s True. He is an amazing artist when it comes to structuring emotions into music and writing tracks that touch hearts. He has written over 60 tracks and each one of them is surely a masterpiece. This artist is surely a magician when it comes to elite musicality. He is known for weaving tracks that go deep into emotions and drives.

I came across this artist through one of my favorite tracks which I recently discovered. The track is named Soldier Boy. The track has some ecstatic guitar chords playing throughout which sets the vibe for the track. The way the drums are incorporated into the track makes me weak in the knees. The track has some amazing musical features that will blow your mind up. The vocals are beautifully structured and written with beauty. There are whistles that are hypnotic. The lyrics are what particularly made me fall in love with this track. This artist intertwines the best of both worlds of musicality and lyricism. Do give this track a go and try exploring this artist. You will not be disappointed by his intense musical sense and his groove. You will surely be addicted to his music as soon as you hear his first track.

You can catch a little glimpse of the track, Soldier Boy by Mick J. Clark here-