German producer and composer, millhope express his ideas, emotions, and experiences with lilting weaves of instrumentation. With dreamy overtones and surreal accents, his work has an irrepressible romanticism and magic to it. In his debut single, Illusion, millhope introduces his style and essence with thematic clouds of melodies and misty ruminations. Listeners of Tycho, Genesis, Jonny Buckland, and the like are sure to enjoy the mellifluous life that thrives in this track. 

Illusion is profoundly abstract and finds definition in the feelings and thoughts it evokes in the listener. Long-winded hooks and broad sonic strokes piece together a musical expanse that you can get thoroughly lose yourself in. The track is strung with soft pulsing riffs, gradually unraveled by lofi synths that take on lilting patterns. And amongst that swirling whirlpool of rippling and swaying melodies, an organic rhythm flows with refreshing thoughts and cerebral prompts. The build curates thoughts, aligning them with surreal antiques to birth sweet epiphanies. In ways that are reminiscent of Beach House and FKJ, the artist discovers a world, guided by free-flowing synths and wondrous emotions. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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