Country artist miQa.El has just released his sophomore single, Walking Medicine and it is as bright and rejuvenating as the sun. Its golden message is wonderfully woven into feel-good melodies and heartfelt vocals that will make your heart soar.

Country strings and beats open the song – divinely warm and desperately cozy. Complemented by hearty baritones and endearing lyrics, the track illuminates the loveliness and beauty of life and happiness. As we sway to the harmonious husky vocals, we feel its simplicity and grace wash over us. The track is an exercise in gratitude and trust. Placing your trust in the power of love and life liberates your mind and soul as they are devoted to the cause of goodness.

Taking on the form of a feel-good anthem, the country-pop track instantly revitalizes your mood and has you vibing with life with love. The melodies dance with indivisible truths, adorned with intuition and positivity. Its simplicity and passion are inspiring. I imagine this is what good times sound like. The musical arrangements and instrumentation will literally make you exclaim with joy. The chorus is composed of warm hums, affirming lyrics, and celebratory vocal accents that are incredibly energizing.

You cannot help but come out the other side brimming with positivity and your mind glistening with the potential of love. Totally loop-worthy, the track is loaded with the vigor and celebration of a million confetti shots.

Available on Spotify, and YouTube Music!

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