Mishkin Fitzgerald is a trailblazer in contemporary folk scene. Her brand of music under the banner of The Chemical Perils is a mix of klezmer, folk, and country styles, all arranged in a cinematic-orchestra format. As a child, the artist grew up singing for the church choir and watching her Greek grandmother play the piano and accordion. She features these childhood influences in The Chemical Perils project with pronounced Jewish music and storytelling. Mishkin Fitzgerald & The Chemical Perils has just released a new album, Grace’s Cradle, opening with the track, Pink Elephants. The nine-track album has a delightful retro drama and theatrical appeal that fill us up with pep. 

Using trumpets, violins, band drums, and animated melodies, the artist creates vivid images that leap out of the track –  A celebratory scene with parading elements and ecstatic crowds, gathered with a promise of a spectacle. The orchestral arrangement has a classical sophistication, laced with strong and vibrant nostalgia. 

With pompous trumpets at the forefront, the artist layers it generously with rhythm and bass trumpets lines that  follow the lead of the histrionic vocals with jolly and spirit. The soundscape is refined and embellished by flute, cello, and violins as they accentuate the raw sound of the trumpets with their ingenious frills of melody. 

This track from the Grace Cradle album is available on bandcamp! 

You can listen to Pink Elephants by Mishkin Fitzgerald & The Chemical Perils here –