Montvaillant is a deeply ruminative artist. Born out of pensive atmospheres, his work is soul-affecting and thought provoking. His lyricism is an important part of his art, with each song exploring and conceptualizing emotional themes. In his latest album, Time Erodes, he explores the constructs of time in seven parts/tracks using gracious and magnanimous precepts. In the song, The Best Is Yet To Come, Montvaillant grasps at the notion of moving on from the past in search for a better future.

Holding onto the past has a way of reducing your life to its dull frames. Time stands still. The track urges us to resolve the knots in our mind and unfreeze time again – ‘Leave the past behind us, the best is yet to come’. Matching acoustic piano melodies with upbeat drums and passionate vocals, the track is an anthem of sorts for everyone who finds themselves reliving their past.

The artist debuted in 2021 with his album, Writings Fly Away, receiving high acclaim. Since then he has released three albums, Feelings Explode, Whispering Life, and Time Erodes. With each album, he employs a metaphysical charm to revive hope in life and love.

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