Moody Mac imbibes himself within his rhymes. His ratio of beats to rhythm, understanding styles and forging his own is awe-inspiring. As a musician, he has created quite the foundation and catalogue for himself and his work. This is his latest single that tries to turn over a fresh leaf. This one is called Any Longer. 

His patience has worn thin. With a melodic string to follow, he speaks in truth, anecdotes and learnings. He tries to never sugar coat his discomfort and vulnerability, making his music relatable and real. Closer to the chorus, we see the sudden switch to the rock core, which delivers how his patience wears thin with a new form of aggression. He is now taking it upon himself to change his lifestyle, and maybe it has to happen from within. The choice of keeping the melodic core simple and stylish, while creating something that resonates with all, is amazing. You can hear in all his songs and lyrics, how Moody Mac breaks down weakness, strength and life itself through music. 

On My Own, Cali and Running are some favourites, exploring similar themes. He has found a fighter in the ring who is his worst enemy, himself. Through his lyrics, he inspires change and people will push to rise above their problems. Follow him for superb music like this, and make sure you listen to this kick-ass number here: